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Pictures of Cats.

So yeah. It's been more than three months since I've posted anything. One month for finals, one month for recovering from finals (in which I quite literally could not type more than a sentence at a time without having horrible, sweating flashbacks about library basements and quiet despair and poor dietary decisions), and then one month of recovering from the unwanted laziness that the legitimate recovery period had caused. Its strange how many things I've been able to accomplish this summer without having needed to actually write something. You'd think that I'd at least need to type things up for my summer class, but nope. Not even a lab report yet. It's kinda nice.

That paragraph there just took a lot of effort. So I'll switch to a disorganized jumble of visual material and annotations now. If I'm lucky, that'll suffice to carve out a vague shape of what I've been caring about recently.

Cat pictures in the lead!

My cat cannot stand it when he's not in the center of attention, so whenever I'm busy with physics homework he likes to just jump up and lay on top of it. It hinders my productivity significantly.

This seems like so long ago now, but technically it's happened since my last post. At the end of the year, some aikido people and I went on a adventurous roadtrip in Ohio, where we brawled in a barn to our hearts' content. This is an actual poster in an actual Arbys somewhere in the world. I think Ube is menacing it with a handsword (tagatana?). That bastard. It was such a fun trip! Unfortunately, the one kouhai who came with us thinks I'm crazy now. But whatever, I just found a really cute candid picture of him from that same trip that I can use as blackmail if needed... mwahaha...

I found a botanical garden. I looked at all sort of things, including the most pretty and extensive collection of rose bushes I've ever seen in my life, but at the end of the day nothing excited me more than my discovery of several of my favorite edibles in a greenhouse. I took like twenty five pictures of different spices and fruits and stuff. Ginger and coffee were my favorite ones there. More like, ginger and coffee are my favorite things to come out of the earth. I had to give up my caffeine addiction earlier this summer, though, so that I don't arrive in Mali dependent on something that may or may not be available on a daily basis. So, I looked at the coffee tree but could not touch it :(

The two men in my life right now. I'm not sure how this is even possible, but I read all sixty issues of Transmetropolitan (save the first two- pathetically optimistic as usual, I started it right before finals season began) in one week. I've been taking more time to savor Casanova though. I absolutely adore the artist, and I think I've made mention of my appreciation for Matt Fraction :D

I'm also re-reading harry potter, but who isn't these days? With each passing day, I grow exponentially more excited about my Voldemort cosplay for the premier. The rest of my party is going as various death eaters (that is, if I can make jmk abandon her inhibitions and just conform like the rest of us).

Things I don't have representative pictures of:

1.) I started learning kung fu! I found a Jow Ga studio near my house that seems really like... "comfortable" shouldn't be the right word, considering how much trouble my aikido-flabby body is having with the workouts (one really hot day, I literally blacked out. So embarrassing!). But I get a really good vibe from it. The head guy (sifu) is both super legit and super friendly, and I definitely appreciate the way he does training.

I feel kind of bad, because I know of not one but two tomiki aikido groups that aren't significantly further away from my house, but I haven't even looked at either of them. It's been almost three years since I quit tang soo do, and I really just want to hit things and get hurt and sweat profusely and wake up the next day feeling like glorious, glorious shit. Is that so wrong?

2.) I have a source of income to finance this violence fetish! Coming from... babysitting. Like, the all-summer kind. X.X I know I should be doing more doctory things, but really... I mean, i worked a lot on a volunteer basis last summer. I just had to turn down two job offers from my school's bio and chem departments because of study abroad next year. Even if it hurts my chances at med school, I need some cash. I am so bad at being an adult.

3.) Intro physics is hella lame. Easy, (at least when it's the only class you're taking), but dull. Mali will be so worth it though :) Just got my books the other day. Gotta love a program where 2/3 of the required readings are novels.

So yeah. I guess I had more on my mind than I thought I did, because this post is hella long. Can't think of anything else to write and it's late. Good night, internet. I missed you <3


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Jul. 13th, 2011 03:24 am (UTC)
Your cat is so adorable sleeping on your desk :)

Good luck with kung fu, babysitting and physics.

Take care.
Jul. 14th, 2011 08:44 pm (UTC)
oh my goodness. that icon picture. I think you may have me beat there :D

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